2023 Keynote

Madison Horn

Madison Horn, former U.S. Senate Nominee, has spent over a decade in cybersecurity, defending American interests against foreign adversaries, nation-states, and terrorist organizations. She has worked within both the startup ecosystem and global organizations, serving as a catalyst leader with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Her focus on removing barriers and defiant charisma allows her to build people-first organizations focused on excellence and creativity effectively.Her experiences have uniquely positioned her to play a hybrid role in teaching and influencing educational curriculum to advising on the development of global cybersecurity standards and regulations alongside government agencies. These extracurricular opportunities area direct response to Madison’s level of technical expertise, business acumen, interpersonal skills, and her dedication in navigating complex problems across geographical, organizational, and cultural boundaries.

Madison’s current role as the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Roserock Advisory Group allows her to continue advancing security for people, organizations, and the US, while also pursuing her passion for service in her work with her nonprofit, Restoring American Security.


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