Tech Village


At BSidesOK 2023, we are offering an exciting hands-on village where you can learn lockpicking. You will have the opportunity to practice picking different types of locks using professional-grade tools. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the process step by step and help you develop your skills.

You will get to experiment with a variety of different locks and learn how to quickly and efficiently bypass them. Come prepared to get hands-on and take your lockpicking skills to the next level!

Secure Code Warrior Tournament

Build an expert community of security champions.

Protect your code from vulnerabilities by building a strong, community-oriented culture of cyber security with highly engaging tournaments that evangelize secure coding while showcasing real-world vulnerabilities.

Players are presented with a series of coding challenges and missions and compete against each other to identify, locate, and fix vulnerabilities. All challenges are based on real code examples and are ranked from easy to fiendishly hard!

Antisyphon Training

Antisyphon Infosec Training is here to disrupt the traditional training industry by providing high-quality and cutting-edge education to everyone, regardless of their financial position. We offer students the opportunity to learn skills, practice what is taught and engage with their community, in a fun and inclusive way.

Antisyphon courses are tailored to beginners and seasoned professionals alike. Our mission is to provide approachable, accessible, and affordable public and private training for the Informational Security community.